About PT Depo Indonesia

PT. DEPO INDONESIA is an authorized distributor of Depo Auto Parts Ind. Co., Ltd., manufacturer of the world’s largest auto lamps.

Founded in 1977, Depo runs business industry with practical principles. They concentrate in the development of R & D in order to achieve their goals, especially to continue innovating.

Depo’s priorities are quality of products and the development of technology in providing safety assurance for the driver to offer the best lights for all vehicles. Depo has gained various awards and certifications from various world certification agency such as E-Mark, ECE, SAE, DOT, MQVP, in addition to ISO 9002 and QS 9000. Depo has high tech factories that produce more than 8000 kinds of auto lamp to meet the needs of automobile factory (OEM) as well as the secondary market (after market).

PT. Depo Indonesia determined to maintain consumer’s as a 1st auto lamp distributor by keep on developing in technology and innovation and also continuously improving professional service.
1. Actively developing with the manufacturer based on the principle of loyalty and a spirit of mutual respect.

2. Being a mutually beneficial partner for all distributors through professional service, guarantee the availability of goods, and on time distribution.

3. Continuously educating the public on the importance of road safety, especially in the use of quality yet an affordable price.

4. Continue to improve the potential of existing human resources for the benefit of themselves, the company, and the surrounding environment.

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